What others say about Diane Polnow

- Christine Adzich,

There’s a reason Diane has been a Top Performer in some of the largest Fortune 500 companies. She knows her business, she knows the psychology of people, and she knows how to get results.  She’ll give you more than your money’s worth. Her work is priceless.

- Christine Adzich, Former Senior Manager, Gartner Group
- Liz Marushin,

I have collaborated on many projects with Diane personally and find her insight, knowledge and relational skills truly amazing.  She is able to delicately capture the deeper needs of her peers/clients to help them create profitable and sustainable business decisions. She is meticulous in her attention to detail and maintaining rapport with all she comes in contact with.

- Liz Marushin, Former Time Warner Cable, Management/Executive Trainer
-Elizabeth Black,

Diane was my Sales Manager for six years at Sprint. During the time I worked for Diane, she brought many incredible assets, skills and support to our team. I was consistently one of the top salespeople in the area, and I did not accomplish this alone. Diane’s strength in building a winning team is in knowing where people are best suited.  She has great emotional intelligence and high ethical standards.

The fundamental aspects of Diane’s approach and management style encouraged the following: Inspired me to do my personal best, helped remove internal and external roadblocks, constantly made herself available to discuss concerns, encouraged creative solutions, and fostered a fun, hardworking, winning team. When you meet Diane, you can see her energy and feel her drive, which brings out the best in people. Diane is truly a unique and wonderful person.  I was very fortunate to work for her.  In the ten years I worked for Sprint, the last six years working for her were the best!

-Elizabeth Black, Former Corporate Account Executive, Sprint
- Robert Tarleton,

I had the distinct pleasure of working with Diane and multiple members of her sales teams in a pre-sales technical support capacity while at Sprint-Nextel. I worked with other teams as well across different sales segments so was in a position to see multiple individuals and teams performing in front of customers and executing the sales process for substantially the same product set.

Diane’s teams were as a group, consistently the most focused, professional, successful and I dare say happiest that I worked with. They followed the process and kept their eye on what was important in order to meet their sales targets and goals. Diane was a coach, mentor, teacher, cheerleader and supporter for her teams to a degree rarely seen in the sales world.

That’s not to say everyone is cut out for this work. The little discussed and more difficult side of sales leadership is recognizing when your coaching is not working and its time for someone to move on. I’ve personally watched Diane handle these difficult issues with professionalism, respect and dignity.

The transition from Sales “Person” to Sales “Leader/Manager” is not a natural nor easy one. Many top individual performers fail or are at best mediocre leaders and managers when promoted because the needed skill sets are different. Diane excels in both worlds as she has proven over and over again.

- Robert Tarleton, ExpressJet Airlines, Pilot
-Jani Ashmore,

Diane Polnow is truly an inspiring leader! She maintains her authenticity and reveals her humanity, creating trust and connection with her people. With her depth of knowledge and coaching style, she leads her teams to be Top Performers in sales on a consistent basis.

-Jani Ashmore, Author, Stop Managing Start Inspiring: Keys for Leaders to Bring Out the Best in Others
-Kory Smith,

As one of my first managers, Diane was and continues to be one of my favorites and has always been the template from which I managed my own teams. Thank you for that.

-Kory Smith, Former Microsoft Account Executive
-Ramona Yoh,

Working with Diane has always been an uplifting experience. Her enthusiasm and for getting things done and her insight into how to work together to accomplish projects or goals is contagious, inspiring and energizing. You can’t resist her can do approach!

-Ramona Yoh, Protection One, Commercial Sales Consultant
-Matt Patterson,

I have had the privilege to see and experience Diane’s sales expertise and management style up close. If you want to build an Elite sales force, then I wholeheartedly urge you to contact Diane. She possesses a remarkable blend of experience and character that will lead you and your teams to success.

-Matt Patterson, Founder/President, Matt Patterson International
-LeAnn Fritz,

Diane Polnow is a class act.  She is polished and professional but also extremely fun and personable.  She has a way of quickly creating trusting relationships by being an incredible listener.  She makes your goals, her goals.  The sales team principles and systems that Diane has created are unique and effective.  I recommend Diane’s services without hesitation!

-LeAnn Fritz, ND, CNHP, New Hope Health
-Ryan Krane,

What can I say? Diane is simply amazing. She is patient, hard working, and one of a kind. I have loved working with her and would give her the highest recommendation.

-Ryan Krane, Ryan Krane Training Method